PED Pouch™ – Added Safety and Comfort for Your Passengers!

Keeping your passengers safe and comfortable is the primary goal of every airline. Kanar Technologies, the product development group of Global Aerospace Design Corp., has developed a cost effective enhancement solution for all passenger aircraft. Your passengers can now use their Personal Electronic Device (PED) head-up and hands-free with the PED Pouch™.

Designed to fit iPads©, Android© tablets, E-book Readers, mobile phones, and other hand held devices, the PED Pouch™ permits passengers to sit back and relax to a movie or continue to operate their PED as if it was still in their hand. It keeps your eyes at a level and comfortable viewing angle, frees up valuable tray table space for meal service and keeps the row open for easy egress.

The PED Pouch™ comes in a variety of sizes, colors and leather/fabric options based on airline preference and attaches to any aircraft seat without impacting existing seat certification. In addition, the PED Pouch™ can be secured to the seat, preventing unauthorized removal while also eliminating PED projectiles and drops during unexpected turbulence!

Customizable • Head Up Viewing • PED is Secured and Retained • Easy Egress


PED Pouch on aircraft seat

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