The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has extended Exemption No. 18584, which allows commercial airlines to carry cargo in passenger cabins, until the end of this year. The administration determined that it was “in the public interest by supporting the continuity of the carriage of air freight.”

This exemption permits airlines to transport cargo that is either secured to cabin seat tracks or to passenger seats; as long as, there are no passengers in the cabin.

In January, Global obtained FAA approval for the conversion of a B777-300 fleet from passenger transport to cargo carriers. Our expedited passenger-to-cargo solution enables operators to keep utilizing their assets while daily flights are returning to pre-pandemic numbers. Furthermore, our solution offers an easy path to transition the cabin back to a passenger configuration.

As our industry navigates the road to recovery, Global will continue to diversify our services to support our customers. For more information regarding passenger, transport-to-cargo conversions contact us at or fill out a contact form.

About Global Aerospace Design Corp. (Global)

Global is an aircraft technical services organization dedicated to meeting all aircraft certification and modification efforts. We streamline the modification process by offering holistic program management, integration services, and certification support. In addition to our passenger-to-cargo solutions, we provide avionics, cabin interiors, and cabin electronics solutions. For more information visit us at

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