Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS 1/A+) provides real-time, constant position data to enhance the quality of communication between the pilot and controller, ultimately creating safer and more efficient airspace.

Currently Global is in the process of obtaining a Supplemental Type Certificate for the installation of FANS. 

The Benefits of FANS 1/A+

Optimized airspace capacity

When determining the necessary airspace separation between aircraft errors in navigation and communication are considered. FANS equipped aircraft are enabled with CPDLC and ADS-C which dramatically increases the accuracy of navigation and communication for an aircraft, ultimately reducing separations and increasing airspace capacity.

reduced altitude loss

In an effort to avoid any collisions, aircraft must be separated by a certain altitude when crossing tracks. Often times, this leads to aircraft operating below optimal altitude in order to cross a track. With increased navigational accuracy, the occurrence of this will be greatly reduced.

more direct routes

As a result of the FANS mandate, non-FANS aircraft are unable to transition through or fly above the North Atlantic Tracks, resulting in undesirable, inefficient routes; therefore, it is to the benefit of any fleet to integrate FANS onto their aircraft in order to use the most efficient routes.


As of December 7, 2017, all aircraft flying within the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) between FL350 and FL390 are required to be equipped with FANS 1/A+, CPDLC, ADS-C, VHF data link or SATCOM systems. On January 31, 2020, the flight requirement expanded to FL290 and above, ultimately reserving the best, most efficient airspace for FANS equipped aircraft only. 

Currently, there are no FANS 1/A+ mandates for the United States or European domestic airspace.