Cabin Interiors

Global has completed numerous cabin interior modifications over the years, spanning from minor cosmetic modification to major cabin overhauls. 

Our team posses the expertise to integrate and certify any cabin modification.

Minor Modifications

Minor modifications include the installation of new seats, LOPA changes, carpet, curtains, class dividers, and any other cosmetic activities.

Major Modifications

Major Upgrades include significant structural alterations; such as, class changes and the installation or removal of structures (i.e. galleys, lavatories, windows, etc.)

Interior Programs

Interior programs designed and certified by Global Aerospace Design Corp.

Air Niguini B767

Air Niguini B737

Kenya Airways B737

Rossiya B777

Air Algerie B737

SpiceJet B737

Cabin Electronics

Global is able to provide cabin electronics solutions. Not only will the Global team provide system integration solutions for cabin electronic needs, but we will also test and certify them as well. The following is a sample of cabin electronics solutions we provide.

In-Seat power Solutions

wi-fi enabled cabin solutions

embedded in-flight entertainment

cabin lighting solutions

wireless in-flight entertainment

Global provides T-PED testing services. T-PED testing is necessary for the integration of Wi-Fi and wireless in-flight entertainment onto a fleet of aircraft. Learn more about Global’s T-PED testing solutions using the link below.