The European Union ADS-B Out mandate has been extended. Here is everything you need to know!

ADS-B Out is an aircraft ground and satellite-based transmission system. This system is apart of the FAA’s and EASA’s newest iteration of their NextGen initiative. As of December 31, 2019, all aircraft wishing to fly within the United States (US) airspace must be equipped with ADS-B Out. The European Union (EU) initially set its mandate for June 6, 2020; however, due to the detrimental impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry, EU Regulation 1207/2011 has been amended to grant the following extensions:

  • Aircraft being issued with the first individual Certificate of Airworthiness on or after December 07, 2020, must be equipped with ADS-B Out by December 07, 2020.
  • Aircraft being issued with a first individual certificate of Airworthiness between June 06, 1995, and June 06, 2020, must be equipped with ADS-B Out by June 07, 2023.
  • Aircraft with the first individual Certificate of Airworthiness issued before June 06, 1995, are exempt.

Attention: aircraft that have been granted an extension until June 07, 2023, must have a retrofit program established by December 07, 2020, demonstrating compliance prior to June 07, 2023.

Global is the owner of three ADS-B Out Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs): ST04298CH, ST04299CH, and 10071068. These STCs utilize Rockwell Collins TPR-901 and ACSS XS-950 Mode S Transponders. In addition, due to our experience with this system, our team is able to provide quality solutions while keeping budget, efficiency, and safety at the forefront of every program.

Global offers a wide range of technical solutions. In order to learn more, check out the services section of our website. Please fill out our contact form to get int contact with a member of our team.


  • ADS-B Out: Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasting Out
  • EASA: European Union Aviation Safety Agency
  • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration


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