Located in Cincinnati, Ohio and established in 2012, by a group of experienced ex-airline professionals with over 30 years of industry experience between them, Global Aerospace Design Corporation (Global) was created as a technical services organization dedicated to meeting all aircraft certification efforts – both in front of and behind the flight deck door. Our depth of experience with projects ranging from full interior modifications to complete flight deck upgrades allow our team to provide complete technical solutions from nose to tail on any size fleet of aircraft.


Global is an engineering services organization that provides aircraft integration and certification services to aircraft owners, prime integrators, airlines, maintenance repair and operation (MRO) facilities, and aviation equipment manufacturers. Global provides it’s customers the ability to legally install new systems into existing aircraft and return the aircraft to revenue service. Building upon existing relationships, Global is able to offer a certification approach that captures the intent of both the Federal Aviation administration (FAA) and European Safety Agency (EASA).

Due to our diverse and talented team comprised entirely of engineers, we can offer our customers the Total Program Solution. This allows our team to provide customer support from beginning to end and even beyond the completion of a program.


Certification Experience

Our team has proven certification experience in the cockpit and cabin, covering the aircraft from nose-to-tail, eliminating the need to find multiple integrators to support any modification or certification program.

We are Engineers

We are a company founded and entirely comprised of engineers, our team understands how to maintain positive cash flow while keeping overhead costs extremely low, making us an affordable technical solution. Furthermore, this permits direct cost savings and maximizes our ability to provide a completely satisfactory solution to each of our customers.

Customer First

Global will always treat our customers as though our business depends on it! Our team is known for being highly reactive and responsive to any and all customer needs. We are dedicated to supporting our customers to the highest standard.