Global values education and providing future engineers the opportunity to succeed. Our company is active with local universities, providing cooperative education opportunities for undergraduate students pursuing a degree in mainly Aerospace Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

Cooperative education (co-op) is a unique opportunity for students to alternate between being a full time student and working full time in their chosen field of study, while earning competitive wages and gaining invaluable job experience. Co-op is real-world work experience in a professional setting. Co-op students perform the same duties as many entry-level industry professionals. Cooperative education provides students the opportunity to explore the careers available to them post graduation, while shaping them into well rounded professionals with the job experience that companies desire.

My time at Global has not only confirmed interest in my chosen field of study, but it has given me confidence as an engineer, grown my passion for this industry, and provided me with invaluable job experience.


Global currently has cooperative education programs established with the University of Cincinnati and Georgia Institute of Technology.